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The creases, folds and ridges on the skin, generally on the forehead..

  • 1 hour
  • 400 Indian rupees
  • Siripuram Circle

Service Description

There are two concerns in Ageing 1. Wrinkles 2. Sagging The creases, folds and ridges on the skin, generally on the forehead, around the eyes, then the laugh lines, appear naturally all the time or sometimes due to the less collagen and water content in the skin. Wrinkles also tend to appear due to heavy exposure under the sun, such as face and neck. Facial expressions like Smiling, Frowning, and Squinting develops fine lines and wrinkles at a Young age. They deepen as the person grows older. So, it is important to treat them at your Younger age. Sagging is caused by a lot of factors. Ageing, sudden loss of weight, Pregnancy, decrease of collagen in the skin are the most common ones. The common areas where you can see sagging includes Eyelids, Jaw, chin, Throat, Upper arms, and Stomach. There are a lot of treatment options for Sagging. While minor sagging can be reduced through proper fitness and exercise, for some major sagging and sagging on the face and neck, proper treatments need to be taken. Treatments Available Treatments are often recommended based on the intensity of the loose skin on different body parts. The number of sessions also differs according to that. Non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments can effectively improve the tone and elasticity of the saggy skin. If they are combined with proper lifestyle choices with no smoking and no tanning. PRP Face/ Vampire Facelift : A non-surgical treatment used by most of the celebrities for a Glowing skin, to achieve glow to the tired, dull facial features. Botox : Botox is a very effective treatment used to cure wrinkles and reduce the process of Ageing. Skin Med is recognized as the best Botox Treatment clinic in Vizag. Fillers : You can consider fillers when you have deep lines, wrinkles around eyes, brow or the mouth or if you would like to change the contour of the jaw or the lips.

Contact Details

  • Dutt Island, Siripuram Circle, Dutt Island, Ram Nagar, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India

    +91 93910-82255

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