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Stop using a razor and start appreciating your velvety, ready-for-anything skin. We employ the most effective hair removal technology in the world to deliver the greatest results

Secure and cost-effective permanent hair reduction

With the experience of our qualified specialists and our Medical Grade Lasers, silky-smooth skin is just around the corner.

Getting to know you involves discussing your skin concerns in a free consultation. All skin types and genders are catered to; everyday convenience, your way.

How it works

We make hair removal appear simple, but how does it actually occur.

Laser Hair Removal targets the darker pigments of hair follicles, causing hair loss — with each treatment, the follicle itself becomes more compromised. After a series of laser hair removal treatments, the follicle loses its ability to produce new hair.

No hair, no razor, no concerns.

How it work

Preparation & Aftercare

Pre-care is an integral aspect of your laser regimen!

  • Remember to shave the area within twenty-four hours of your scheduled appointment (no waxing, tweezing, epilating or bleaching at least 4 weeks beforehand, we need to find the hair)

  • Avoid exposing the region to sunlight. 2-4 weeks beforehand and prevent sunburn 4-6 weeks prior

  • No fake tan; remove tan as well as makeup, lotion, deodorant, and lotions from the region (we have wipes for you in case)

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Preparation & Aftercare

Why Skinmed

Safety & Technology

Our highly-skilled Therapists use modern technology and high-performance cosmeceutical skincare products to achieve best-in-class results.

Top  medical team

We have top medical practitioners and we are always here to help you with every step!

Proven Results

We have the expertise to treat any skin condition and the latest, most effective Skin Treatments to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Book in a complimentary consultation

Schedule a consultation for a completely unique experience and radiantly natural results.
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Frequently Asked Question


People with lighter skin and darker hair receive the best results through laser hair removal; nevertheless, our laser technology and laser preparatory tools allow us to treat a variety of skin and hair types. Laser hair removal is inappropriate for blonde, red, grey, and white hair. During a complimentary consultation, your stylist will be able to evaluate your hair.


No laser can offer permanent hair removal at a rate of one hundred percent. In most situations, however, FDA/TGA-approved Medical Grade  lasers can achieve permanent hair "reduction" with a 70 to 90 percent reduction in hair growth.


These findings depend on the individual and might be affected by factors such as skin type, hair colour, and hormone levels. The vast majority of these clients are females with fine facial hair or clients experiencing varied levels of hormonal activity, such as adolescence, pregnancy, and menopause.


At Skinmed, we provide clients with two cooling methods that are meant to keep the skin's surface cool, allowing the laser to deliver maximum energy to the target matter. As a result of these cooling systems, our patients report that their level of comfort during treatments is substantially enhanced, making them nearly painless.


The amount of treatments varies from person to person and is affected by skin type, hair colour, medications, and hormones.


In general, eight to ten treatments are necessary to achieve the most dramatic hair loss outcomes. In the course of your complimentary assessment and treatment planning session, your technician will propose the number of treatments you need.


It is recommended that clients with hormonal abnormalities or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) consult an Endocrinologist for diagnosis and possibly medical therapy. These individuals typically have excessive hair growth due to their medical condition and may require both medical treatment and continuous laser therapy in order to get optimal results.


Redness and swelling of the skin are frequent following treatment and can continue up to 48 hours. To protect the skin, it is essential that only Skinmed Skincare products be applied to the treatment area.

Sun exposure must be avoided at all times and SPF must be used to all treatment areas (we recommend our Skinmed Matte Sunscreen SPF 50+).

After laser therapy, it is recommended that only mineral makeup be put to the skin for three days.

After treatment, avoid excessive physical activity, hot showers, pools, spas, and saunas for up to 48 hours.

Deodorant must not be applied for 12 hours after treating the underarms.

What our patient says

My hair transplantation happened 10 days ago. they have done it very smoothly and patiently. I am very happy for it. The best clinic for those who have hair fall problems/bald head. It has well experienced doctor and staff.

Lata Sharma

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