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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a non-invasive option for those looking to promote hair growth.

Blood is drawn from the patients, processed, and then injected into the scalp during the three-step PRP hair therapy procedure. It is a method of treatment that combats hair loss by causing natural hair growth and thickening of the hair shaft.

How it works

The PRP Hair Therapy Process

PRP hair therapy is a three-step process that takes place over three sittings separated by four to six weeks. Additionally, maintenance procedures are required every four to six months. Let's review the three steps that makeup treatment.

Step 1: The surgeon will often extract blood from the arm into test tubes that have been carefully engineered to be nutrient-enriched, then place those test tubes into a centrifuge machine to separate fluids of various densities.

Step 2: The blood is sorted into three layers—platelet-rich plasma, platelet-poor plasma, and red blood cells—after spending around 10 minutes in the machine.

Step 3 :The third stage involves the surgeons drawing platelet-rich blood into a syringe, activating it with specialised solutions, and injecting it into the areas of the scalp where more hair growth is required.


When it is used?

PRP hair therapy is the best option for people who are losing their hair, especially at a young age. The approach can be used by people who have male or female baldness tendencies.

How it work

Preparation & Aftercare

You should drink plenty of water and eat before the operation to avoid feeling dizzy because it involves drawing blood. You can suffer some discomfort and bruising at the injection site following the treatment.


Your blood is first sucked out, and after being spun in a centrifuge for ten minutes, the plasma-poor platelets, plasma-rich platelets, and red blood cells are separated. Following that, a syringe is used to retrieve the plasma-rich platelet and inject it back into the scalp. It needs three treatments, each of which must be spaced between four and six months.

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Preparation & Aftercare

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Frequently Asked Question


There can be pain at first, which could also result in swelling around the area. The swelling is necessary to allow blood cells to heal the area in the long run.


PRP injections help in making the grafted hair better and stronger. They let the new follicles survive better, leading to new hair growth. The treatment can treat and prevent hair loss after the transplant, which can be beneficial for the entire scalp, irrespective of whether you have undergone a transplant procedure earlier


Patients can see the benefits from the treatment in about 12 months. You will need the treatment every three months, and repeat sessions are necessary to see a difference.


PRP is not a cure for baldness (Androgenic Alopecia). The genetic medical problem will always remain. However, there is great evidence that regular treatments can significantly slow down the effects of Androgenic Alopecia and even works to increase hair density.

What our patient says

My hair transplantation happened 10 days ago. they have done it very smoothly and patiently. I am very happy for it. The best clinic for those who have hair fall problems/bald head. It has well experienced doctor and staff.

Lata Sharma

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