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Regain your natural looking hair

The hair transplant procedure includes removing individual hair follicles from the skin and placing them on the scalp or other regions where there aren't enough or thin hairs. In order to combat hair loss or thinning issues, this would make the hair in the new region appear thicker.

How it works

The Hair Transplant Process


  • Let's examine the process of hair transplantation.

  • The procedure begins with the surgeon shaving the donor area's hair, which contains the hair follicles that will be used in the transplant.

  • The hair follicles are then moved to the recipient location in the following stage.

  • The doctors extract the hair follicle from the skin using a micropunch tool

  • Then the surgeons make an array of very small entry points with the help of a needle in the recipient area where the extracted follicles would be inserted.

  • In the next step, the extracted follicles are inserted into the small spaces ( entry points ).

  • Finally, the surgeons would clean and bandage the area where hair was taken for healing and recovery.

When is it used?

Hair Transplant is mainly used in the following conditions.

  • Scarring hair loss

  • Patchy hair loss

  • Pattern hair loss

  • Thinning hair

Losses of beard, mustache, and eyebrow

How it work

Preparation & Aftercare

The surgeon meticulously cleans the scalp before starting the procedure. The surgeon will numb the scalp with local anaesthesia following the cleansing. After that, a knife will be used to cut away some of the hair-covered scalp. After that, the region will be properly sewn.

The doctors perform a number of tests on the patient before the procedure to make sure they are healthy enough for it. Blood tests, allergy tests, and liver function tests are just a few of the tests that will be performed. The surgeon will also look at the donor's hair area. Additionally, he would advise the patient to adhere to specific pre-operative guidelines in order to prevent any complications during the procedure.

The surgeon will cut the scalp into tiny pieces that will later be inserted into the bald area of the head using a sharp surgical knife and a magnifying glass. The surgeon will apply bandages to the region for healing after the transplant. The entire procedure could take up to four hours or longer.

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Preparation & Aftercare

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Frequently Asked Question


Hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure where the bald area is covered with hair, along with its roots, taken from other sites such as back of scalp, beard, chest


4-8 hours


Yes. Hair transplantation can be done. We can extract few scalp hair and perform body hair transplantation and, mustache, and eyebrow

What our patient says

My hair transplantation happened 10 days ago. they have done it very smoothly and patiently. I am very happy for it. The best clinic for those who have hair fall problems/bald head. It has well experienced doctor and staff.

Lata Sharma

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