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A well-known dermatologist and cosmetologist in the city are Dr. Sriteja. She worked with numerous top firms throughout her more than six years of experience in clinical dermatology and aesthetic medicine before launching her own business. Dr. Jamuna Pai Institute of Medical and Aesthetic Cosmetology is where she obtained her fellowship in medical cosmetology and aesthetics.


She has a great deal of experience treating all ages and skin issues. Sriteja holds herself responsible for always keeping up with developments in the skin industry and for updating her knowledge. She takes satisfaction in just offering treatments based on clinical evidence that is best for patients. At Skinmed Clinic, we commit to having an attitude like Sriteja's: positive and sincere. She genuinely invests herself in establishing bonds with her clients since she prefers the journey over a quick fix.

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Dr. Sriteja Arya

The SKINMED by Origins clinic in Vizag is a medically supervised skincare and cosmetic center. We provide a wide range of cosmetic operations using cutting-edge technology. We are known for our cheerful demeanor and skill in delivering a safe and comfortable atmosphere for all of our clients.


Dr. Sriteja is a well-known Dermatology and Cosmetology expert who has a large number of trainees under her care. The Skinmed Clinic provides exceptional treatment, comfort, and security. We promise to give the most up-to-date medical aesthetics and services adapted to your specific needs. Our clinic will provide you with a comprehensive range of treatments to meet your unique skin care needs, whether it be laser hair removal, acne treatment, skin rejuvenation, Invasive Procedures cosmetic, or body contouring.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

Why Skinmed

Safety & Technology

Our highly-skilled Therapists use modern technology and high-performance cosmeceutical skincare products to achieve best-in-class results.

Top  medical team

We have top medical practitioners and we are always here to help you with every step!

Proven Results

We have the expertise to treat any skin condition and the latest, most effective Skin Treatments to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Our Specializations

Skin Brightening
Everyone strives to have skin that is flawlessly clear and radiant. If you feel the same way, then you are good to go.
Anti Ageing
With our innovative skin tightening procedure, you can slow down the ageing process of your skin.
Laser Hair Reduction
Put away the razor and start appreciating your silky smooth skin that is always prepared for everything.
Find out how PRP can help stop hair loss and restart your hair's growth cycle.

Get Your First Consultation Free!

Schedule a consultation for a completely unique experience and radiantly natural results.

What our patient says

My hair transplantation happened 10 days ago. they have done it very smoothly and patiently. I am very happy for it. The best clinic for those who have hair fall problems/bald head. It has well experienced doctor and staff.

Lata Sharma

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