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Combo ( Facewash & Peel Off Mask)

Combo ( Facewash & Peel Off Mask)


Face Wash


A skin that glows and is clear is not a farfetched dream, right?We have developed an all-new face wash for men called  Facewash, which stands out from other normal face washes.A unique formula specially formulated for men’s tough skin removes not only dirt and dead skin cells accumulated all day by pollution, but also brightens & balances the natural oils found on your skin.


Peal off mask


How do women look prettier when they apply black paste to their faces?Have you ever wondered if that black mask is also available for men?My bearded friends, the black mask you are looking at is called a peal Face Mask.Does this mean charcoal should only be used for barbecues?Men's grooming products have come to realize that charcoal is the star of the show! Peel Off Mask works like an oil and dirt magnet on your skin; removing all impurities quickly!Peal off mask combination of charcoal, glycerin, and aqua peels off all your facial skin issues to leave you with naturally rejuvenated, younger-looking skin!

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