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At Skin Med, we have the most advanced Laser Hair Reduction technology that helps for a Faster and painless hair reduction. You need not use the methods of waxing and shaving again ever!

In the procedure beginning, the hair would be visible on the surface. The laser then heats the melanin, that forwards the heat to hair shaft. The heat destroys the hair follicle on the skin and hence gets detached. The hair from the area gets shed and without follicle the hair cannot regrow.

The benefits with availing Laser Hair reduction procedure with Skin Med is because its

  • Safe

  • Long-lasting

  • Effective

  • Reliable

  • Affordable

In most cases, there is no pain and patients usually feel a warm tingling sensation on the skin. Each treatment usually takes just a few minutes. PCOS is a common problem in most women these days. The hair removal options like waxing, threading and others are a lot painful. So, for them, Laser Hair Reduction is a boon. It helps in reducing the hair growth permanently, saving the costs of going to a parlour thrice a month. At the cost of what? One month of spending per session! It takes a maximum of 8-10 sessions for the ever-lasting effect.


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