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Medi-facials involves the usage of a chemical peels and Lasers while doing the procedure. Medi-facials are custom tailored to your skin needs on an intense level. They help the skin to be hydrated to regain a natural glow to the face.

There are two types of Medi-facials being provided at Skin Med.

Skin Med Hydra Facial: This treatment helps to clear pores while hydrating your skin. The kind of skin glow you look forward in the festive season, because this nourishes the skin, resulting in soft, blemish-free, and Glowing skin in no time. It is a deep skin treatment that has long-lasting effects.

Skin Med Oxy-facial: Oxy-facial has the process of infusing oxygen into the deeper layers of the skin to remove dirt, bacteria, virus that are present in the skin.


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