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Derma Roller is a minimally invasive procedure, using a device to roll to cover the entire skin. When the needle gently penetrates your skin, it stimulates blood flow and acts like an exfoliator. Skin problems like Acne scars can be treated using this device, as Derma roller instates the stimulation of collagen and elasticity in the skin.

The increase in the production of collagen can help smoothen out Wrinkles in a natural manner. It also helps in the repairing the skin damaged due the Sun UV rays. Hyper pigmentation, stretch marks, can also be treated with this procedure. In the procedure the skin is cleansed with a mild cleanser and the needles of the roller are disinfected. The numbing cream can be applied to reduce the pain levels, and then the device is gently rolled on the skin in the same direction. Then the face is cleaned with plain fresh water.


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